Not your average CBD cosmetics company
Here's why

Being a life-long advocate for the health benefits CBD provides, Cannalle's founder constantly sought out products rich in the natural compound to soothe and improve various skin maladies that ailed him. His search proved frustrating however, as he discovered that many brands not only contained harsh preservatives, but that the therapeutic compounds within them were too low to actually show a marked improvement. But that frustration bred inspiration, and drove our founder to develop the luxury CBD health and beauty treatments we offer you today. Along with a dedicated team, Cannalle’s founder hired expert chemists, formulators and award-winning industrial designers to create a skincare line that not only looks luxurious, but feels decadent as well. Every item in the Cannalle line combines rejuvenating naturals with the highest quality CBD available, surpassing other top brands on the market. The labs we cooperate with use the latest CBD extraction methods & innovative technologies to provide only the purest, full-spectrum distillate and isolate to enhance the revitalizing properties of our plant stem cells and fruit peptides - keeping you looking your best, naturally. Cannalle is proudly manufactured in the USA at a cGMP FDA registered facility, so you can rest assured you’re receiving products of only the utmost quality.

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