Discover the Magic of CBD Infused Lotions and Creams

At Cannalle, we celebrate the immense potential of CBD in skincare. Our specially crafted CBD cream for skin and lotions are more than just products. They are a testament to the transformative power of nature, designed to tap into CBD's exceptional skin-enhancing benefits.

The Body Beautiful Fortified CBD Body Cream

Step into the realm of all-round skin wellness with our Body Beautiful Fortified CBD Body Cream. It is a unique blend of Hemp oil and Shea Butter that goes beyond the typical hydrating cream. This power duo delivers an unparalleled level of moisture, leaving your skin feeling luxuriously soft, smooth, and supple.

But it doesn't stop there. The incorporation of Coconut and Borago oils in this CBD-infused body lotion serves a dual purpose. Their anti-inflammatory properties effectively relieve common skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis. On the other, they work behind the scenes to enhance skin elasticity and soften the appearance of stretch marks. This synergistic blend of ingredients makes this cream an all-encompassing skincare solution.

For maximum benefits, generously apply the Body Beautiful Fortified CBD Body Cream, concentrating on dry, rough, and cracked areas. With its all-skin-type formula, this cream offers a nourishing experience that leaves your skin feeling pampered and protected.

CBD-Infused Hand Cream

The spotlight is on your hands with our Vivify Hand Cream. This CBD-infused hand cream is more than just a moisturizer. It's a skin nourishment celebration combining the best of nature and science.

Infused with nurturing Aloe, ultra-moisturizing Mango Seed Butter, and potent CBD, this cream provides intense hydration without leaving a greasy after-feel. It penetrates deep into the skin, providing lasting moisture and enhancing its natural barrier.

The inclusion of Coconut and Borago oils further enhances this hand cream. These oils, known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, shield your skin from everyday environmental aggressors. The hand cream's delicate, sweet herbal fragrance invigorates your senses with each application, making it a delightful addition to your daily skincare regimen.

This hand cream, suitable for all skin types and designed for external use only, works diligently to keep your hands looking and feeling their best.

A New Chapter in Skincare 

Cannalle's CBD-infused skincare products are a nod to the power and potential of natural ingredients. They represent a new chapter in skincare that underscores the importance of harnessing nature's finest to create products that protect, pamper, and promote healthier skin.

Immerse yourself in the world of Cannalle and step into a skincare journey that leaves your skin feeling revitalized, nourished, and truly beautiful.