Oily Skin Guide

Oily Skin Guide

If you have noticeable shine no matter what or find yourself constantly blotting or powdering your face to lessen sheen, then you may have oily skin.

However, the fact is that everyone has oil in their skin. Under each of our pores is a sebaceous gland that produces natural oils called sebum that help keep skin hydrated and healthy.

While oily skin often looks younger and more supple due to the added moisture and is less likely to wrinkle, a surplus of sebum often leads to congested pores and breakouts. Causes of oily skin vary, but age, genetics, where you live, hormones, and stress levels can be a factor in how much oil you produce.

Individuals with oily skin are also more prone to Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), which leaves dark spots on the skin long after a blemish has subsided. Exfoliation can help lighten these dark spots by removing the top layer of the skin, but integrating CBD Oil lotions and serums into your oily skin care regimen can promote cell turnover and regeneration and control the production of sebum to prevent future breakouts.

Oily/Clogged Pores/Severe Breakouts (Including Cystic Acne)

Individuals with oily skin will notice large pores all over their face, especially on the cheek area. A common complaint from those with this skin type is acne and blemishes - even well into later adult years, with hyperpigmentation present long after the blemish has healed. This skin type requires solutions with toning and exfoliating properties that are not too drying.

Recommendation: Daily Defense SerumRestore Nocturnal Elixr - A combined treatment of Daily Defense’s biotech marine® and plant stem cell actives with our Nocturnal Elixir’s intense hydrating properties improve the tone and texture of skin while decreasing oil production and calming breakouts. CBD Oil hydrates while controlling the overproduction of sebum, and reduces inflammation, visibly reducing acne. Plant stem cells and Biotech Marine promote cell turnover, encouraging regeneration of healthier, glowing skin.

Still not sure of your skin type?

No worries, we’re here to help! Contact our customer care today to receive tailored advice on our entire skin care line to curate the best skin care routine for you. All of our luxurious products contain CBD Oil, which when used topically, combat free radicals, aging, inflammation, and irritation. Using the latest technology and innovation to incorporate the benefits of CBD Oil into your daily skin care regimen, we strive to keep you looking and feeling your best, naturally.